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About Me

Chickadee Perch
Chickadee Landing

I have a love of the small things that are often overlooked. Or protected by chest deep, leech-infested, murky waters. Or are just inconveniently located under pokey shrubs. Or really anything that after giving it the close view it deserves, results in you looking like you’re an 8 year old that was set free to entertain himself on a lazy rural Ontario summer afternoon (with full access to a working barn).

Frogs are one of my favorite subjects. From photographs in their favoured environs, to starker studies in studio settings, I try to present their personalities and traits in an intimate way.

Moths, caterpillars, mushrooms, and ice have all been working their way up my preferred subject list. At least two characteristics tie them together – they can all be found in abundance close to home and are slower than I am.

It’s a joy to act like a kid again, and I live with the hope that my photography can bring you up close and personal with some of the small delights nature has to offer. Maybe you’ll see something that reminds you of collecting critters in a bucket as a kid. Maybe you’ll see something in a new light. Maybe you’ll even see something you’ve never seen before (that’s always a treat for the photographer and the viewer!).

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting!
Brian Robin